Writing Heads Facing the Front Corner...something new ; -)

Charles Butler chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM
Thu Mar 19 05:22:42 UTC 2009

I guess what I am talking  about is the multiplicity of symbols.  If you add more darkened heads, rather than adding one symbol, a face-direction darkening arc, you add another 8 heads.  

Looking at the IMWA,  I'm  getting to the point of throwing up my hands.  Rather than keeping the symbol set simple, each new feature becomes additive to something old, so that, for example, the wrist line is being added to each movement arc to hold it in place rather  than having the wrist line separate and all the darkening arcs for the head separate.  

If the head is one thing, seen  from the back, or from the front, or the side, you then have an arc, one symbol, not a darkened head on one side.


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March 18, 2009

Thanks for the message below, Charles -

The symbols that I was showing are from the Front View...or perhaps a better way to explain it is that the reader is standing behind the signer and viewing the head from that perspective...

If you want to view the head from the overhead top view, you certainly can, or even the side view...all those opportunities are there for you with the ISWA 2008 symbolset...You can easily write what you posted in your message, Charles, with the ISWA symbolset...

These symbols for the head facing the front corner are already in the ISWA 2008 symbolset too. No one has to use them however...that is a choice. I like them a lot and use them daily now, when writing storytelling from video...so they are working for me and i know others who are writing with them too...

If you are standing behind the signer and the signer turns to the front corner, the side of the head that is closer to the reader can be darkened...here is another example:

Val ;-)


On Mar 18, 2009, at 12:36 PM, Charles Butler wrote:

> Would not having a "facial turn" arc serve better rather than having a whole new stack of heads.  That  way it could be moved around to any side of the face to show that the whole head and body turns without  adding more heads to the system.
> I'm thinking of something like this.
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