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March 29, 2009

Your explanation, and my explanation, are very similar, as far as I  
can see, Stefan. So in my experience, since we are both having similar  
feelings about it, and since I have seen readers mis-read it, I  
learned a tiny trick...if you place the arrowheads on TOP of each  
other in a new way...not one after the other, but truly on top of each  
other, the problem of mis-reading goes away for some readers...Maybe  
ask your would be interesting to learn how they feel...I  
would like to know ;-))

This is not just a personal style...we are trying to find good ways to  
write that we all the writing system can communicate  
everything everyone needs...this is how the system was invented in the  
first place...a sharing of ideas that slowly developed into a common  

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On Mar 29, 2009, at 9:03 AM, Stefan W?hrmann wrote:

> Hi Valerie, Natasha  and friends,
> First of all thank you very much Valerie for your quick response.
> Well I thought about that too - and in the past I developed my  
> "personal
> style" I distinguish between just pure arrowheads and arrowheads  
> with a
> stem. (Even a very tiny little stem - would indicate that this  
> movement is
> to be performed starting one after the other - there are some signs  
> in DGS
> (German Sign Language) like this.
> If there is only one stem but two or three arrow heads added to the
> arrowhead which is connected to the stem this should indicate a  
> repeated
> movement. But I decide from time to time (smile) Sometimes the  
> writing of
> several stems seems to be easier to understand -
> OK - I am happy to read you answer and will keep your explanation in  
> mind.
> L.I.F.E
> Stefan ;-)

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