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Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Mon May 25 08:24:29 UTC 2009

Hi Adam, Kelly, Charles, Steve  .. 


So you are working next door with Valerie – wow what a privilege... smile 

Well it is as Valerie mentioned several times.  It is up to you .. perhaps
almost some freedom of personal style. And of course I can understand that
both spellings should describe the same movement–sequence. Personally
working with deaf children day by day I do not use the concept of heel view.
The reason is that the reader has to identify this minimal difference
between the square and the rectangle – in addition to that I myself hesitate
to read fluently because this “mix” of principles. Top down – there is the
gap – ok. But heel view you can find both representations – with and without
a gap – hm  ... Difficult to understand for beginners and a source for


Perhaps you want just to experiment with both spellings in different
documents ... 


Good luck with your current project!


Stefan ;-) 





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I am in San Diego with Valerie doing various work. We were talking about a
sign for SignPuddle in ASL, and I came up with two versions of writing the
same sign. Essentially it mean to throw signs together in one place. I felt
that was more accurate to what SignPuddle means than to say an actual rain
puddle since the meaning here is more a collecting of signs rather than
raindrops into a puddle. Now the reason for the two versions is because I
wanted to try out how it reads with the top view verses the heel view. I
personally like the look and feel of the heel view. What do you all think?
Here are the two versions, first with the second part of the sign in top
view and then in heel view. Or you can go to SignPuddle and find them at







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