New Web Site about SignWriting from Mexico ;-)

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon May 25 18:54:35 UTC 2009

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May 25, 2009

Dear SW List Members!

Last night, Adam and I were searching in YouTube for SignWriting  
videos, and found Adam's video "Why SignWriting" on YouTube translated  
into Spanish!

Then we found other wonderful videos of people discussing the use of  
SignWriting for Deaf education in Mexico, with a new web site in  
Spanish from Mexico:

They have started their own Mexican Sign Language Dictionary online  
using Steve's SignWriting Image Server (SWIS) and offer the textbook  
from Spain, SignoEscritura, by Steve and Dianne Parkhurst, for  
download...just like we do on our SignWriting site...

And some of the Deaf people from Mexico on YouTube posted videos in  
response ...some thought it was good to write Mexican Sign Language  
and others were against the idea, but certainly this new  
SignoEscritura site is good for starting the discussion!

I had always assumed that in Mexico they would call it SenaEscritura,  
because the term Signos is used in Spain but not in Central and South  
America, but maybe the name SignoEscritura will stick anyway, because  
it is like a unique name...who knows!?

Anyway, I invited the web designer of the new site to join our  
SignWriting List and I hope he will be fun to meet people  
from Mexico who use SignWriting!

Val ;-)


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