AW: [sw-l] Namibia handshape construction

Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Sun May 31 15:51:21 UTC 2009

Hi Valerie and Everyone, 

attached you find a sequence flat hand closing to fist -- 

I would like to write it this way with the thumb always on the right side. 

I understand your comment with the fingers on the left and the thumb on the
other side in the third graphic from left. 

Do you agree with this spelling sequence? 

Next message - another sequence

Stefan ;-)

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SignWriting List
May 31, 2009

Hello Stefan and Everyone!
Thank you for this question. And your photos and writings are always  
so beautiful! Congrats on all you are doing, Stefan....

Regarding the handshape in SignWriting...

The photo of your hand is different than the writing of the handshape  
you are showing in the SignWriting example you have attached...The  
thumb is to the side in your photo...not forward...

So basing it on the photo with the thumb to the side, we have that  
handshape already in the ISWA....I know you will be creating TrueType  
fonts, and that is great...but I am happy it is in the ISWA too, so I  
can show you what I mean...please see my attached screen capture...the  
handshape is in Group 9...the thumb to the side needs the thumb line  
on the other side of the rectangle base from the index finger, because  
when the thumb line is on the same side as the bent Index finger, that  
would show that the thumb and the index finger are relating to each  
other and it means that the thumb line is forward pointing in the same  
direction as the Index finger...So if you want the thumb to look like  
it is pointing in another direction other than the index finger, you  
need the thumb line on the other side of the rectangle base of the  
hand...please see my attached diagram:

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