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May 31, 2009

On May 31, 2009, at 8:54 AM, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:
> Do not want to bother you with this - but Learning IS FUN ( right  
> Tini??
> Smile )

Yes...learning is fun! And you not let our answers bother you  
either...I know you always do excellent work and these handshapes are  
fascinating! In the long run, no matter what your choice, your work  
will be a great benefit to the world...

Here is my explanation of the one far as the others in  
your last photos...I will get to them later...;-)

I realize this can be explained in more detail. I will be writing a  
new book, called SignWriting Hand Symbols, in which every handshape in  
the ISWA will be explained in detail. Adam will be co-author with me  
on the book, because he has done all the photos and animated GIFs for  
the project...a huge job, and Adam has done fabulous work, which will  
be displayed on the web soon...Val ;-)

PS. When people read handshapes, they tend to look at the relationship  
of the fingers with each other, because the tips of the fingers hold  
the that is why it is important to have the thumb "away  
from the tip of the index finger", when the thumb is to the side,  
because the tip of the thumb is not "relating to the tip of the index  
finger" when the thumb is to the side...

I need other diagrams to explain that better and unfortunately I have  
to leave to pick my parents up at the San Diego harbor...they are  
coming in from a three-day cruise to Catalina Island...nice they could  
take that trip...but I can talk more about this tomorrow or later this  

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