technical problem with XML dumps

Olaf Matyja olafmat at GMAIL.COM
Mon Aug 16 21:12:30 UTC 2010

Well, thanks, but I have already written a program to import this obsolete
XML without DTD, together with php files with information about an author
(src field). The first 10 signs have been transferred:
Now I'm waiting for a bot flag on Commons to upload the rest:


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  Hi Olaf,

SignPuddle 1.5 uses the ISWA 2008 without BSW.  The current export page
should not be used.  SBML should not be used.

You can use the test data for SignPuddle 2.  It converts the current
SignBank data to the ISWA 2010 using BSW revision 3 with underscores.
It creates a small XML files with a correctly linked  DTD.

View the XML definition file:

I created a custom export for Polish Sign Language (sgn 19) in SPML.  I
zipped the file to reduce the size from 1.1 MB to 159 KB and to preserve
the UTF-8 encoding:
http://www.signbankorg/signpuddle2/data/sgn/ (159 KB)

In the SPML files, you'll notice that there are underscores in the
data.  This aides in searching but is not supported with the current
SignWriting Image Server release.  I will be adding optional underscores
in BSW for a future version of SWIS.

More information can be found online:

Let me know if you want me to refresh the data snapshot.  I'd be happy
to discuss or explain in more detail.


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