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August 30, 2010

Dear SW List Members!

Summer, in the Northern Hemisphere, is over, and school is starting again in the North. I know it is Winter in I guess you are already in school ;-)

And as teachers, students and researchers are coming home from vacation, my email box is filling with questions about SignWriting. Isn't that wonderful? That is the way it should be ;-)

For the past three years, Adam Frost has been photographing his own hands to create animated GIFs of the 6 palm facings of each handshape in the ISWA 2010.

But the hand photos are not just for animation. We are also using them in our new textbook:

SignWriting Hand Symbols 2010
by Valerie Sutton and Adam Frost

Although the book is not finished, I just posted the first 92 pages of the book online for you to download. There will be over 300 pages when the book is finished. I will create web pages for it in the future. At the moment, the only link I have is this one, and the download is 25 mb:

SignWriting Hand Symbols Manual p1-92

This is Groups 1-4, plus some instruction in the beginning of the book.


Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
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