Request for comment on a technical SignWriting document

Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Fri Dec 24 13:12:25 UTC 2010

Hi Jonathan,

Submitting to the IETF requires that code snippets be licensed under the 
BSD. The BSD license allows for free use of the code. You can use the 
specifications and code in any software product. I know that Windows, 
Linux, and Mac all use some BSD licensed code.

ABNF is Augmented Backus–Naur Form. ABNF defines a grammar that can be 
used to create a parser. Section 4.2 of the document supplies the ABNF 
for SignWriting Interchange. This ABNF grammar can be used to create a 
parser that will read and validate data.

In my data model, the graphemes do not change size with regards to the 
coordinate space. I do not mix symbols of different size resolutions. 
Reducing or enlarging is done to the entire sign text segment.

Custom coloring of specific graphemes is not supported in the data 
model. Colors is possible based on rules of category, group, base, 
rotation, or fill.

Size and color should be handled with some type of markup or style sheet 
rather than with character data. I thought about adding size and color 
(and other ideas) to the data model, but preferred the simplicity of 
straight sign text.

The dashes in the symbol ID are historical and verbose. I thought about 
shortening the symbol ID but didn't for consistency with our other 

Chunking BSW into lines of 72 characters prevents over long lines from 
causing problems with display when viewing the data. All spacing within 
BSW is irrelevant from a data perspective.

Thanks for the comments,

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