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February 10, 2010

On Feb 10, 2010, at 6:53 AM, Honza wrote:
> sorry If you explain this already, but I haven´t foud it in recent posts.
> Can you explain me why in SignPuddle is SignSpelling and Sequence?
> Are there any rules for writing Sequence?
> it is important.

Hello Honza!

A SignSpelling is the way a sign is written...the way the sign looks, in a visual cluster, when we read signs.

A SignSpelling Sequence is for computer-sorting of signs in dictionaries. Which handshape starts the sign? Which symbol ends the sign? This is needed because in dictionaries, we look up by Sign-Symbols. There are two important processes needed to sort dictionaries by Sign-Symbols. First, you need to know the sequence of symbols within each sign. Second, those SignSpelling Sequences are then sorted by the SignWriting alphabetical order of symbols in the ISWA, which I call the Sign-Symbol-Sequence.

Here is a small booklet called SignSpelling Guidelines 2008. I actually want to re-write and expand upon this manual. It is based on my experience with sorting around 3000-4000 signs, and printing the listing of the signs sorted by Sign-Symbols, and what i personally found was true when people tried to find a sign in the listing...I know there are many theories on what the SignSpelling Sequence rules should be, and I am open to all of them...this booklet just shows my experience with looking up signs...

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Also Steve Slevinski has placed some cool new features in SignPuddle. Under each sign or document in SignPuddle, you will see an Analyze link...Click on that Analyze Link. Try it with both a single sign-entry in SignPuddle, and also with a real document with sentences in SignPuddle. Click on Analyze and then click on Sort (see screen capture attached). It will show you the "automated" SignSpelling Sequences for each sign in that document...Automated SignSpelling Sequences are the computer's best-guesses as to what the SignSpelling Sequence should be, based on the ISWA, but if a person has manually changed the SignSpelling Sequence in SignPuddle, then it will show that...(I believe that is this correct, Steve?)...wonderful software for all of us to analyze signs and documents!

Val ;-)

see attached...

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