signspelling sequence

Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Thu Feb 11 15:11:31 UTC 2010

Hi Honza,

We only use the sequence for sorting.  The PDF that Val previously sent 
contains the guidelines for writing sequences.

People interested in animation have also looked at the sequence.  
However, there are 2 issues here.  The first is to automate the creation 
of the sequence.  The second is to use the sequence to help understand 
the spatial spelling.

To automate the creation of the sequence, you'd need to analyze each 
arrow BaseSymbol (maybe each symbol) for head and tail position.  You'd 
need to fill in any assumed symbols that are not included in the 
spelling, such as starting or ending handshapes.  There are several 
other issues as well.

To use the sequence to understand the spatial spelling, you'd need to 
match the symbols in the sequence to the symbols in the spatial 
spelling.  Except where symbols are repeated, this should be straight 
forward.  For repeated symbols, you'd need the same logic as was used to 
automate the creation of the sequence.

So, there may be additional uses for the sequence.  My current 
automation of the sequence is very simplistic.  I take the symbols used 
in the spelling and sort them according to the ISWA order.  This simple 
sequence would not be useful for animation or conversion.  I will 
revisit the automatic creation of the sequence in the future.



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