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February 25, 2010

Hello Cherie!
Thank you for pointing this article out to us...I did not know about it, and it was written back in 2001...

That was before you wrote Cat in the Hat and before SignPuddle existed, so it is good to know that this was acknowledged back then....SignWriting started to grow as a personal writing system, without software, in the early 1980's, but was rarely mentioned or acknowledged in published literature, so this is a good feeling to see this positive statement in print from the University of California at Berkeley...

And since 2001 there is a much larger, and more international group of signwriters...this List is just a small part of the larger group of signwriters around the world...

Today I received an amazing message from Saudi Arabia from someone I have never heard from before, who is using SignWriting...this is an example of how it is spreading, thanks to the internet and our free materials and software on the web...

Steve and I are using Cat in the Hat as an example of how the nuances and richness of ASL storytelling can be written in SignWriting...It has been a really useful document to show role shifting and other aspects of writing storytelling...

Val ;-)


On Feb 25, 2010, at 3:32 AM, Cherie Wren wrote:

> On another list I am on, there has been a discussion of colleges accepting ASL as a foreign/world language credit.  Someone just posted a liink to a document from the University of California Berkley Language Committee about why ASL should be accepted.  Near the end, this paragraph caught my eye:
> "It should be noted that although the Deaf community has generally rejected the idea of writing ASL, and preferred to remain a face-to-face community for daily interaction (using English for written communication, therefore), there is a growing tradition of SignWriting which allows nonlinguists to readily transcribe ASL into written form. This may turn out to be another medium for the dissemination of ASL literature, but the Committee bases its judgment on the current videotaped ASL literary corpus."
> The growing tradition of Signwriting...  It feels good to see that.
> full document:
> cherie


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