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July 7, 2010

Hello Jose!
Welcome to the SignWriting List! And thank you for posting this message. We are here to help.

Your project LISA looks very interesting - I just visited your web site:

Yes...we have plenty of software to share with you. Below is a list of places for you to visit on the web. Please visit these web areas, and then write again with specific questions as to how to start...

SignWriting Image Server

Binary SignWriting

International SignWriting Alphabet

SignPuddle Software Online

SignPuddle Software Online for French Sign Language

SignPuddle Software Online for French-Swiss Sign Language

SignPuddle Software Online for French-Belgian Sign Language

You see, sign languages are not international. There isn't just one sign language connected to the French spoken language. Although they speak French in Belgium, Switzerland and France, each sign language in those three countries are separate languages, because sign languages in each country are based on the educational systems that are different in each country, and also because Deaf people in each country communicate with each other and the sign languages naturally evolve differently in each region - so some countries have more than one sign language, just as some countries have more than one spoken language...

So I am going to assume that you want to use French Sign Language used in France? We already have signs written in SignWriting in SignPuddle in the French Sign Language area - if you click on the French Sign Language dictionary in SignPuddle, it takes you to this page:

You can see there are over 1000 signs in the dictionary, written by several people, but mostly from Toulouse area of France. I can put you in touch with the Deaf people there who wrote the signs if you wish. To find all the signs in the dictionary, click on the left top icon that says: chercher par les mots (search by words)...and place an asterisk in the search field and press list all the signs in the dictionary -

Write again with more questions - smile -

Welcome once again -

Val ;-)


On Jul 7, 2010, at 10:13 AM, Jose Antunes wrote:
> I'm a student working on an open-source (GPLV2) project called L.I.S.A.
> The main goal is to translate French (in the future other languages will be supported) text to Sign Language (French Sign Language actually) by a 3D avatar.
> For this purpose, I want to use SignWriting.
> I want to translate words to SignWriting, and finally SignWriting to sign language.
> Is there a list of softwares using signWriting somewhere ?
> Thanks for your help.
> Best regards.
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