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July 9, 2010

Dali - the sign that is asking many questions - it needs to be written beginning with a straight finger in the beginning of the sign, and then at the bottom of the circle or movement, the finger the beginning straight fingers are placed at the top of the movement, and the bent fingers are placed at the bottom and then the movement symbols are placed between, and the symbol with the two little curves means that, first, one hand does the movement, and second the other hands does the movement - it is "every other one" or "one hand moves and then the other" - I showed two examples of ways to write this in the attached example - These are hard signs and you are doing really well - I wrote to the Professor in Tunisia and told him that you are qualified to teach...I hope to finish these lessons by Monday - I hope this is helping and that you will remember this lesson ;-))  - Val ;-)

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