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July 10, 2010

Hello Dali!
You are a good sport, taking a course in front of so many people, but I hope everyone is enjoying watching us discuss these signs. It will help if you all look at the video clips on, because the still photos from the videos are probably not enough to show the whole sign...but it does help these lessons to have photos, so you can at least see something side by side with the writing.

As you can see, the two of us saw these signs differently, and chose to write them differently. We are both right from our own point of views...It is good for us to discuss the differences, so we can learn from each other...

In the second sign, I saw the movement going down diagonal starting high above the shoulders. Notice we both saw Pressure at the end - good Dali! You are writing so beautifully....when a Touch Contact star and a Tension symbol are combined, it means the two hands press together. In the first sign, I write like our Deaf Action Committee for SignWriting (the DAC) writes. We do not write based on thumbs (that is another rule that happened later historically, and was developed in Spain)... Instead, we write looking at all the Action Fingers and where the majority of the Action Fingers are directed. In the first sign, there are two Action Fingers - the Index Finger and the Thumb and both of them are directed towards the center of her body - the Action Fingers are not pointing to the right away from the body...but are directed in towards the center of the body -

I do not expect anyone to change the way you write or teach - I am just explaining why I write the way I do - Freedom to write as you wish is the only real rule that counts, because it helps the writing system evolve naturally... ;-))

There is one more video clip and then we are done!  Val ;-)

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