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July 10, 2010

Hello Dali and Stefan -
Many thanks to you both for participating in our Course 2010 online. It was fun!

I will create a little web area for the graphics that were created, and link to -

I will write again when I have that posted on the web -

I would like to ask you, Dali, have you ever written a document with three Lanes? The Center Lane is for the narrator, or the general discussion that is in the center or in front of the body, and the Right Lane and Left Lane are used to show spatial comparisons between a subject that is placed over to the right side of the body, and another subject placed over on the left side of the body. The three Lanes write the shifting of weight from one side to the other, in dialogues and storytelling, and now that you are writing Bible chapters, you are entering the world of "sign language literature"...Of course every writer has to determine what fits best for them, but in ASL, in our Romero Translations, the three Lanes are used to show God high and in the Right Lane, and the Left Lane is used for people here on earth, and the Center Lane is used as the narrator or general telling of the story. So when God is speaking to the people on earth, the movement will start high and in the Ri
 ght Lane and travel over to the Left Lane to reach the people here on earth - so is being used in this standard way throughout the Romero translations...

Just wanted to share that with you - There has not been much discussion about using the 3 Lanes here on the List, and that is a more advanced aspect of writing literature that has been evolving over the years - 

Great to share with you!

Val ;-)


On Jul 10, 2010, at 8:49 AM, Dali balti wrote:

> Hello Val and all the friends!
> I am truly enjoying reading, learning and being corrected! I love that! it is 
> amazing "SignWriting", it is truly another world where space is put on a sheet 
> of paper!
> Thank you val again and again for correcting me, and also for all of this 
> encouragement you're giving me!
> Great! a lot of fun!!!!

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