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July 21, 2010

On Jul 21, 2010, at 2:52 PM, Ronald Dettloff wrote:
 I am having trouble using my Mac Notebook Pro:
> with Sign Puddle:
> 1. How do you refresh screen when in Sign Maker
> 2. In Column Maker (download) I cannot open the files with Mac.
> 3. I thought Mac would be better!

Hello Ron -
You are welcome to telephone me with your computer on by the phone, if you would like me to help you with tech support.

We are all on Macs here, but there is a learning curve when using a new machine...I feel the same way about Windows ;-)

First, there is no download for you mean the download for SignText?

Second, no matter whether you are on a Mac or a PC, it is best to use Firefox when using SignPuddle. What web browser are you using on the Mac...are you using Safari?

In Firefox...the Reload button is at the top of the screen as always, just as it is in Windows....doesn't matter whether it is on a Mac or PC...

Second, you should not be using the Reload or Refresh button while using SignMaker anyway, because you will lose your work if you do that. While in SignMaker, save the sign into SignPuddle first, and then use the Refresh or Reload button to see your changes after the sign is saved.

If you are using Safari, to reset the screen is a little different in Safari. It is a unique and different kind of web browser. To reset Safari, or empty the cache, go under the Safari menu at the top...see attached screen capture:

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