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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Thu Jul 29 20:15:15 UTC 2010

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July 29, 2010

Hello Everyone!
The SignWriting List Archives preserve our messages on the SignWriting List, on the web. You can access the Archives here:

SignWriting List Archives from 1997-present

The older Archives 1 and 2 are preserved on our SignWriting server, thanks to Bill Reese, who really worked hard at preserving them. Researchers, such as Erika Hoffmann and others, use the old archives to research the history of SignWriting, so it is important that we do not lose the archives. It is our history. Thank you, Bill, for helping us with preserving the List messages.

In April 2010, our List was suddenly moved at Valencia Community College to another machine at Valencia College, and during that move, Archive 4 messages from the original Valencia machine were never moved over to the new I will be writing to Valencia Community College with hopes that those Archives are not lost. I am afraid they may be lost.

But thanks to Bill Reese's efforts, we still have all those message preserved in Archive 3, which captured that time period on another site called, so we are so fortunate that the messages have not been completely lost...thanks again, Bill, for securing that site for us too...

July 2010 has been a busy month here in my office in La Jolla (San Diego) California. A way for us to document all that happens is for me to write reports to the List about the events here. That way, the reports are preserved in the SW List Archive for history purposes.

So later today I will post a report about the work accomplished here in July 2010, and I hope others will write your own reports about your work with SignWriting too - we are all doing such different work around the world and that is the reason sharing is so important - for example, this morning I taught a SignWriting session on Skype for an hour to the SIL Summer Institute of Linguistics Summer Workshop (linguistics class) and it was a great experience - so I will write and post a report about that later today -

Glad to hear you are going to Brazil, Charles - how exciting!

Val ;-)

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