exporting texts from signpuddle

Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Fri Mar 5 20:52:51 UTC 2010

Hi Honza,

SignPuddle doesn't support compound signs.  Signs are either written 
together or as separate signs.  In SignPuddle, the name of an entry is 
always a single sign, so any compound name for an entry would have to be 
written together as a single sign.   For SignPuddle 2, I'll consider if 
the name of a sign entry should be a sign text rather than an individual 
sign.  I guess it should be a sign text if it represents a title or 
names a concept.

Exporting is weak in SignPuddle 1.5.  It should be possible to get the 
data.  What data in what format are you looking for?  Signs or sign 
texts.  Entire puddles, custom list, or individual entries. 

I will be revamping the database and the data exchange format for 
SignPuddle 2.  I will probably use a custom SignPuddle XML for  
exporting data, but the SignWriting will be encoded in BSW.  If you'd 
rather have SignWriting in XML, consider BSWML.

As it stands, the BSW for individual sign texts is available via the 
Analyze SignText in BSW link.  On the "Format" page of the Binary 
SignWriting HTML Reference you can find the BSWML with a link to the DTD.



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