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March 13, 2010

Hello Stefan!
It took me a minute to notice that you had taken a photo of Erika and me, and placed it inside the calendar I am holding, in this funny!! The picture of the two of us together, was taken days after the picture of my holding the calendar...that is why that is so funny - it is like we could see the future before it happened - ha!

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You are wonderful with graphics, Stefan - thank you - and you are right that many SignWriting users are visually-oriented people...I know I am anyway...(I guess that is pretty I agree that the photos really make a report come alive!

The audio recording itself is not that good a quality and cannot be released as it is...I ramble and mumble and my voice is not steady...but if we write a transcript in English, taking out the imperfections, then that will be valuable, and I hope to do that someday...the video means little because I am not using sign language and I am just sitting there talking...but it at least provides us with a way to get still photos from the video...Thank you, Erika, for doing this recording while you were here...;-)

And yes...our web sites certainly do need a new Special Feature on our home page ... I haven't gotten to web design in months...but yes, in time, I will place the report in a PDF document for download on the web...

There are also several other web postings that are patiently waiting...

Thanks again for this great combination-photo, Stefan!

Val ;-)


On Mar 13, 2010, at 8:13 AM, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:

> Hello Valerie, Erika and sw-friends, 
> I enjoyed reading your SignWriting Report " A Visit with Dr. Erika
> Hoffman-Dilloway, Anthropological Linguist"
> Wow - congrats to both of you! 
> I am very interested to listen to the audio recording and watch the
> videotape of the interview. Just let me know if there is any chance to
> download or to get a copy via postal mail on DVD? 
> And thanks for the attached pictures. Since SignWriting scribes are visual
> oriented people it is so much fun to add pictures to the ideas... 
> I guess you will use this report as a new "Special Feature March, 2010"  ??
> Again thanks for sharing and all the best
> Stefan ;-)

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