embedding ASL in pdf/html

Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Mon Mar 22 15:50:09 UTC 2010

Hi Alan,

Welcome to SignWriting.   I'll try to answer in more detail soon.

You can read the Binary SignWriting HTML Reference.  This reference can 
analyze any valid BSW.  The analysis will default to "hello world." in 
ASL if you leave the textbox blank and press one of the buttons.

I am still updating the SignWriting Image Server.

You can read about the ISWA 2008 on SignPuddle.net:

The ISWA has over 35k symbols.  Each symbol has a raster based glyph in 
3 colors: line (black), fill (white), and background (transparent).  We 
do not have SVG yet.

Each glyph is placed on a 2 dimensional canvas using X and Y 
coordinates.  The resulting image represents a sign and is called a 
glyphogram.  Each glyphogram has a center.  The SignWriting section of 
the Binary SignWriting HTML Reference details how to find the center for 
any sign.

Feel free to write to me privately or on the list.

slevin at signpuddle.net


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