Signwriting: Preparing a sign for a new word - Help needed.

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Assunto: Signwriting: Preparing a sign for a new word - Help needed.
Data: Sexta-feira, 1 de Outubro de 2010, 21:57

Hi. My name is Thorsteinn, and I am an editor with Wikipedia.  Some of you may be aware that proposals are underway for the preparation of a Wikipedia in ASL using the Signwriting system.  I am also proposing that we use that same system to prepare and publish a Wikipedia in British Sign Language (BSL) - however, having had a look through SignPuddle online, I've encountered a problem.  


From what I can see, there is no individual sign for Wikipedia, and I'm not sure how to make one specifically to identify it.  I've spoken with someone else on this list, who suggested that fingerspelling signs wouldn't be great for the purpose, and that I post the question to this list for advice on how to prepare a sign to denote Wikipedia.


What I would like to ask is whether the community know of any sign you use to identify Wikipedia, rather than fingerspelling the word, and if so, how we would convert that to a SignWriting sign/icon.


Any help you can provide with this would be gratefully appreciated.  


Yours, Respectfully,



Thorsteinn A. Malmjursson

Editor, English Wikipedia

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