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October 7, 2010

Thank you for this summary of the new project for SignWriting in Poland, Lucy!

The project sounds quite extensive and is planned out well...publishing a syllabus is a good idea...and thank you for all your past work that made this new project possible - we are here to help anytime as you know...

and thanks for the sign for Wikipedia...we now have around 5 suggestions - I will try to gather them all together and send them to the List in a separate message so we can look at them all together...

Val ;-)


On Oct 7, 2010, at 11:03 AM, Lucy wrote:

> Attached is my suggestion for the sign for Wikipedia. I am not sure if I have written it correctly :-)
> SignWriting is not and will not be a part of the Polish Deaf school curricula in the nearest future. It is being currently introduced to students of junior and senior high schools for the deaf (aged 13-20, and to their teachers) in the Malopolska [Little Poland] voivodeship, that is in the cities of Krakow and Tarnow. The final goal of this project is to work out and publish a syllabus/a programme for teaching SW. I will write a small report for you after completing the first part of the project, that is the introduction. After that we will choose schools or groups of students and teachers, for whom I will conduct an in-depth SW course. The project is funded by the EU and implemented by a company based in Nowy Sacz, in cooperation with the Polish Association of the Deaf. The company (named CZAS) specializes in implementing similar EU-funded projects and has hired me to carry out the SW presentations and workshops.
> Lucy :-) 
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