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October 27, 2010

On Oct 27, 2010, at 8:19 AM, Doyle,Jessie wrote:
> I am currently doing a project on Valerie Sutton and SignWriting. I need to compile an annotated bibliography and am looking for articles or other texts on Valerie Sutton or SignWriting. Does anyone know of any poublications?
> Thanks very much!
> - Jessie

Hello Jessie!
Welcome to the SignWriting List ...Thank you for joining and posting this question to the List.

So you are doing a project on SignWriting and me (blush ;-) ?.... If I remember right, it is for a school project in Canada?

We certainly have plenty of publications and articles on and about SignWriting ... I will prepare a list of SignWriting titles of books, newspaper articles, videos and dvds, and SignWriting projects around the world for you, and I will post the listing here on the SignWriting List for everyone to read and use - I will need 24 hours to prepare this, because I am working on other projects simultaneously - but the listing of SignWriting titles with links will be posted here on the List, tomorrow morning California time.

Regarding articles about me ...I will include links to an old resume, and my feeble autobiography that never got finished, and then there is a Wikipedia article and a few newspaper articles ...

It is much more fun to write about SignWriting and Sutton Movement Writing - the writing system is what matters ...

So check back here on the List tomorrow morning for my posting -

And feel free to ask other questions to the List any time - there are apporximately 180 members on this List, from around 18 countries, who use SignWriting or are interested in SignWriting... and there are projects in Canada, as you know -

Talk to you later -

Val ;-)

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