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October 31, 2010

On Oct 27, 2010, at 10:13 AM, Doyle,Jessie wrote:
> I am a student in a Deaf Studies program. We have been assigned a research project, and need to find academic and professional articles that have been published about our topic, in this case Valerie Sutton and SignWriting. I am having trouble because the only sources I can find are Wikipedia and I need to find books or articles that have been published. I have read almost everything on, but I cannot use this as a source for my project.
> Hope this is more clear and answers your questions.
> - Jessie

Hello Jesse -
You mentioned that the publications cannot be on is a library that lists publications and newspaper articles and so forth, that are either about, or mention, or are written in SignWriting...

Take a look at this web page that gives links and downloads to newspaper articles on SignWriting -

Can you use these articles in your annotated bibliogprahy?

SignWriting in the Press
Newspaper & Journal Articles About SignWriting

If you download number 2 on that web page, the bibliography entry would read something like:

Fox, Margalit, New York Times, April 14 2002, "Written Notice: Another Language for the Deaf".

Is the New York Times acceptable to your work?

and what about 300 page dissertations? for example on, on 

SignWriting for Research

Number 1 and 2 on that web page has two dissertations on SignWriting - one 300 page dissertation by Dr. Cecilia Flood from the University of New Mexico, and one in Arabic, with a partial translation into English, by Dr. Abushaira at Jordan University in Jordan. Both studied the use of SignWriting with Deaf children, and Dr. Abushaira's work was statistical -

If these kinds of titles are acceptable to you, then at least I know that. I am juggling many jobs simultaneously. I am trying to create a web page with lists of SignWriting publications, but I have been pulled into other projects in the past few days -

Happy Halloween, in the US!

Val ;-)

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