How to acquire 2 volumes of Novo Deit-Libras (2,459 pages, hardcover, 14,000 entries, 5,5 kg) for close to only US$ 80.00 (plus freight costs): here are the links

fernando capovilla fcapovilla3 at GMAIL.COM
Thu Sep 2 19:15:22 UTC 2010

Dear friends,
A number of friends have been writing asking how to acquire our new Libras
Dictionary (Novo Deit-Libras)
It may be acquired via this site for R$ 220,00 (close to US$ 100.00)
It may also be acquires via this site for just R$ 165,00 (close to US 80.00)
plus shipping & handling taxes
This site allows you to obtain info on freight costs:
I hope I have helped.
Thanks for your attention,

Fernando C. Capovilla, PhD
Professor Associado
Instituto de Psicologia, USP
Coord Lab Neuropsicolinguística Cognitiva Experimental, IP-Usp
Av. Prof. Mello de Morais 1721
São Paulo, SP, 05508-900
fcapovilla3 at
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