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September 6, 2010

Hello Suzanne and Stefan!
I just looked at page 114 in Stefan's "SignWriting Handbook", and it is so wonderful and fun! Stefan...your work is an inspiration to all of us...

For those interested in Stefan's book, you can learn more about it here:

It must be really fun to be a student in both of your classrooms ;-)

I think Stefan has a point, Suzanne, regarding the writing of those movements (see attached below). For me, it feels good to see the back arrow in those cases, even though it is true that the next position shows that the hand came back, it is clearer as Stefan wrote it, by adding the back arrow...This also happens again in the document later, for an up diagonal movement - I think those two should also have a down diagonal movement in a similar fashion...what do you think?

I like your document, Suzanne, because in other areas of the document, it teaches the use of the General Arrowhead...

For new List members....The General Arrowhead is used to write "overlapping movement paths". It is neither right nor left, but the right and left hands move in the same path together, writing over each other's paths in an overlapping way... The General Arrowhead is oftentimes misunderstood by beginning students. Suzanne's playful and fun "movement writing" document, shows several examples of the writing of overlapping paths...I will explain better in another message later -

Thank you to you both for your teaching materials - they are so useful -

Val ;-)


On Sep 6, 2010, at 12:54 PM, Suzanne pach wrote:

> Hi Stefan,
> Thanks, I was actually inspired by page 114 in your
> Handbuch zur GebardenSchrift! (as you might have
> guessed... :)
> I actually meant the right hand to move forwards to the
> right and back and then the left hand forwards to the left
> and back (and same for the next bit, but then up). Do you
> think it would be clearer to show the arrows going back as
> well? I wasn't sure, since the starting position of the
> next picture already shows that the hand moved back
> anyway...
> Suzanne


>> Hi Valerie, hi Suzanne -
>> Yes I like this kind of movement writing a lot. One
>> sequence made me wonder
>> ...Suzanne - do you want the reader move the hands like
>> this? - diagonally
>> forward and back ...
>> ...  Or do you want to move the right fist forward -
>> staying in front and
>> moving the left hand afterwards at the same distance (both
>> hands in front of
>> the body) ...
>> Best wishes
>> Stefan ;-)

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