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I used the legomen to practise movement arrows. Every
student got their own Lego man. I showed a picture of a
Lego man with a certain movement arrow and they had to
move their own Lego man in the right direction.. Or I
moved a Lego man and then asked the students to add the
right arrow to the picture. Then they practised this in

The idea was to practise movement arrows without being
distracted by handshapes etcetera.

Only the picture I had chosen turned out to be a bit
confusing, since the Lego man was facing a bit to the

See attachment...


> SignWriting List
> September 7, 2010
> Hello Suzanne!
> This is indeed perfect now - Thank you for switching the
> colors on the last page - that was all that was needed -
> and it does get confusing if colors are switched around a
> lot - I got used to the right being blue, but I have now
> adjusted to the right being red - just as long as it is
> consistent throughout the document there are no problems -
> it is great that you put the colors for Right and Left at
> the top of each page with large hands - that also helps
> ;-))
> That is interesting about the confusion with Expressive
> and Receptive. I hope the colors help beginning
> writers...that would make an interesting study sometime...
> Later I believe all students realize that writing looking
> at your own hands, and feeling how your own face feels, is
> easier than imagining a signer standing in front of you
> all the time. Because we don't always have videos to look
> at when when we write directly in sign language. Writing
> your own expression is a lot easier and is what we do in
> spoken language, when we write.
> Thank you for your new teaching techniques, Suzanne...
> Can you tell us a little about the little lego men? I am
> not sure what they did?
> Val ;-)
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> On Sep 7, 2010, at 11:56 AM, Suzanne pach wrote:
>> Hi Stefan and Val,
>> Thanks for your comments. Yes, I had made a bit of a
>> mess
>> of that last column :) I have changed it, so now the
>> colours and the hands should be right! (I hope..) See
>> attachment.
>> During the workshop some of the students found the
>> expressive viewpoint idea a bit confusing, so maybe the
>> colours can help as a reminder to what is right and what
>> is left...
>> Suzanne
>>> This is fun,
>>> so my brain is so focused on the arrowhead information
>>> that I accept the
>>> colour information as less important! - really funny-
>>> ... of course I can see your point!
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>>> Smile - forget the arrows for one moment and only look
>>> at
>>> the right hand,
>>> which is white palm so that it means it is facing us
>>> and
>>> the red color tells
>>> us it is the right hand...but the thumb is on the wrong
>>> side - how can you
>>> have the thumb of the right hand on the left side when
>>> the
>>> palm is facing
>>> us?
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