QUESTION...Which do you prefer in ASL?

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Hi Val,
My pleasure - it's an interesting question!  I'm sitting here trying out different ways to sign 3-digit numbers, trying to feel which one is most natural.  For the 101, I would use the spelling with the C in the middle, definitely.

What I find really interesting, as I look at that spelling of 135, is that it feels like it should be a four-digit number because there are four handshapes!

The "hundred" - whether it's signed with the full C or just the crooked fingers - is always pulled back toward the body a little, which is why I included the movement arrow in my writing.  It also makes the two handshapes look like one unit, which is how it feels when I sign it - 1-C is one word, and the last two numbers are separate words.  Just my opinion . . . but I knew a Deaf child who actually signed 1-C-0-1 for 101!  It's like the C is a suffix on the hundreds digit.

I could write some other numbers the way I feel I'd sign them and save them into SignPuddle online, if you'd like.  

Anyone else on the list have an opinion about this?


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  Hi Kelly Jo -
  Thanks for your feedback - I need feedback -

  So how would you write the page number for page 101? The first one with the C in the middle I assume? and take a look at page 135 with the C below....does that look ok?





  On Sep 21, 2010, at 7:15 PM, KJ wrote:

  > When I'm signing in ordinary conversation, I'll usually pull my hand back and hook whichever fingers are extended (see attached my spelling of "135"), but that might be more informal signing.  The formal way would be to use the C in all situations, and that's probably best for page numbers.
  > KJ




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