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There are several schema out there.

Mine tends to follow the following pretty closely.  This is the setup for the SW 
Sign Puddle as I tend to order signs. One could order by each feature, but this 
is usually the order that I take a sign in.  I did a schema published in Brazil 
which is on the SW site. 

Handshape (10 groups, ordered by the current dictionary by fingers used)
Orientation (6 basic orientations)
Rotation (8 rotations within the above rotations)
Contact (with other hand, with head, with body) (four basic types of contact)
Finger Movement (this takes care of squeezes, trills, and holds)
Arm Movement (this is directions of the whole arm) (up and down, then in and 
Speed (slow, fast, gradual, simultaneous)
Facial Expression (a bunch, but they have not been catalogued systematically)

Charles Butler, once working for SignNet Project, Catholic University of 
Pelotas, Brazil


From: Erika Hoffmann <erhoffma at OBERLIN.EDU>
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Subject: question about dictionaries

Hi all!
In the article I am revising I want to address briefly in a footnote the issue 
of ordering of signs in SL dictionaries using SW. The reviewer of my article was 
speculating that Stokoe might have chosen to arrange the elements of a sign in a 
linear fashion to facilitate clear ordering of signs for the creation of 
dictionaries. S/he wondered how this issue is handled for SW. I have a sense of 
how the issue is approached, but I figured it was better to ask the list rather 
than risk getting it wrong in print!

Erika Hoffmann-Dilloway
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Oberlin College
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