ISWA 2010 data change for proposed Unicode string

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri Apr 29 19:02:49 UTC 2011

Steve and Jonathan -
Maybe we shouldn't jump so fast, until we really know what happens with the first Unicode proposal. The official presentation of it has not happened yet - It is happening in May and then a second presentation in June, and in-between the two presentations there may be some re-writes and requests for changes - so why not let everything wait a little before jumping too fast. Let's see what the meetings produce. You never know, until the final vote is in...we do not know anything for sure yet - Just my thoughts - Both of you are going to so much work in advance and I want to be sure you don't do a lot of work before we really know what the final decision is - these things take time when committees are involved - so please do not rush to change your software yet - can you work on other things that are not related right now?...

Val ;-)

On Apr 29, 2011, at 11:45 AM, Steve Slevinski wrote:

> Hi Jonathan,
> On 4/29/11 1:04 PM, Jonathan wrote:
>> Not only does the first proposal make it hard sort the entries but it will also be harder to parse because the symbol with sometimes be 1 character long, sometimes 2 and sometimes 3.  So extra checking has do be done to verify if the next character is the start of a new symbol or a fill and or rotation modifier.
> I agree; however, removing these characters from the initial Unicode proposal may be required to get approval from the Unicode committees.
> I understand the potential annoyances and problems for programmers who do not use these codepoints.
> My previous email was unclear on the new codepoint assignments.  They should be as follows.
> The first proposal will be as follows:
> Fill-1 [removed from code chart]
> Fill-2 U+1DA9B
> Fill-3 U+1DA9C
> Fill-4 U+1DA9D
> Fill-5 U+1DA9E
> Fill-6 U+1DA9F
> Rotation-1 [removed from code chart]
> Rotation-2  U+IDAA1
> Rotation-3  U+IDAA2
> Rotation-4  U+IDAA3
> Rotation-5 U+IDAA4
> Rotation-6 U+IDAA5
> ...
> A second proposal would include the 2 remaining control characters to complete the set.
> Fill-1 U+1DA9A
> Rotation-1 U+1DAA0
> With the first proposal, we may be able to move forward with wide spread consensus.
> I will be working off of the second proposal, so I will continue to use the Fill-1 and Rotation-1 characters in my data and code libraries.  The only change for my data will be to advance the fill and rotation codepoints by 14.
> Regards,
> -Steve

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