Novel by Kimberley Shaw includes a "SignWritten Book" in the plot...

Kimberley Shaw skifoot at GMAIL.COM
Fri Feb 4 22:28:41 UTC 2011

Aww, thank you Val!
I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpt, and will be sure to let *everyone*
know when the novel gets published. Maybe when concert season is over,
I should create a Signwritten ASL synopsis or excerpt, eh?
All the best,

On 2/3/11, Valerie Sutton <sutton at> wrote:
> SignWriting List
> February 3, 2011
> A novel by Kimberley Shaw includes a "SignWritten Book" in the plot... Kim
> sent me a portion of the manuscript, which she has already submitted to
> potential publishers...
> It is very exciting work, Kim, and thank you for mentioning SignWriting in
> the book and making a "SignWritten book" a part of the plot of the novel -
> I hope it gets published and that this sparks your readers interest in
> SignWriting!
> Most of all, I know your readers will enjoy the novel - it is well written
> and interesting to read - I would like to know how it ends ;-)
> Thank you for sending this excerpt to me - (cover attached)...
> Val ;-)

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