QUESTION: Can we write left-handed signing?

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Excellent, looking at some of the posters, I have some idea of what to get to my 
Ethiopian students.



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February 7, 2011

In France, Juliette Dalle, a teacher of Deaf children, has done research 
teaching Deaf children SignWriting, using color to mark the right and left hand. 
Recently, Shane found a link for a video featuring Juliette presenting her 
research...Here it is:

Thank you, Juliette, for this video!

and thanks again Shane, for finding it for us -

Val ;-)


On Feb 7, 2011, at 10:09 AM, Valerie Sutton wrote:

> SignWriting List
> February 7, 2011
> On Feb 2, 2011:
>> Hello!
>> There is one thing I was wondering about ; I « sign » with my left hand, and 
>>the the writing is made for right handed persons. I haven't read enough to know 
>>if the inversion in writing can pose a problem in the understanding. As a left 
>>handed person I would, for example,automatically inverse the place of the dark 
>>side on the drawing on the hand « flat » : I would put It on the left side 
>>rather than on the right side. I would also, on the drawing of the hand with 
>>finger, put the stick representing the thumb on the right side. It trouble me 
>>much when I »m trynig to learn. Is the inversion accepted?
>> I go on descovering the Sign Writing. I will surely rewrite. Have an nice 
> ---------
> Thank you for this message and your question....
> Go right ahead and write left-handed signing - no problem!
> It is accepted to write either way.
> Writing left-handed signing or right-handed signing - BOTH can be written in 
>SignWriting and there is no problem reading it...
> Just as there is no problem in real life...when you look at a left-handed 
>signer or a right-handed signer - we can all understand each other, whether we 
>are signing to each other, or reading it in SignWriting...
> In our formal SignWriting documents, we choose to write right-handed signing, 
>because most signers are right handed, so that is our standard way of 
>publishing...but we do have some publications written in left handed signing -
> Right now you notice this more, because you are new to SignWriting, but later 
>it will become less important until you get used to reading it either way -
> I have more to tell you about left-handed and right-handed signing next 
> Val ;-)
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