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March 1, 2011

On Mar 1, 2011, at 12:10 PM, Olga Drozdenko wrote:
> My name is Olga. I'm from Russia. I study Russian Sign Language and SignWriting. I work on translation into Russian Valerie's book about SignWriting. I started with the first one — SignWriting Basics.  Also I translate into Russia captions for the first video lesson Introduction into SignWriting. Now I want to change captions in video but I don't know how. Also I've already added some signs into Russia dictionary on SignPuddle:
> Olga


Hello Olga,
Welcome to the SignWriting List!

Thank you for writing Russian signs in SignPuddle Online:

Russian Sign Language Dictionary

I am impressed with how well they are written. You are welcome to ask questions any time - that is the purpose of this List...

Did you know, if you click on Search by Words, and place an "asterisk" in the Search Field, and press the Search Button, that a list of ALL the records will appear? It is great to see written Russian in the dictionary listing ... you can click on a name for a sign and it takes you to that sign... 

Thank you for translating our books into Russian and Russian Sign Language...

I look forward to placing your translation on the web...I will create a new section for Russian Sign Language on our web sites, so visitors can download the translations, and access SignPuddle for Russian Sign Language, and any other work you create.

Russian captions for our Lessons in SignWriting video series? Wow. That is very cool ;-)

So you have the complete transcript translated from English to Russian, ready to be placed as captions on the first lessons video?

I know there are experts on captioning here on the List - I will need instructions as to how to place the Russian captions on the video because I believe the English captions on the video are not Closed Captions, but Open Captions, meaning the English words were embedded on the screen...This is rare, but this did happen on these old videos, when Open Captions were used more. The web page for that video is here:

SignWriting Lessons Video 1:
Introduction to SignWriting

I will write again soon about the technical issues of captions, and if anyone here on the List knows what to do when we have a translation for Open Captions, I would really appreciate your help too - 

And thanks again, Olga, for all you are doing to share SignWriting with Russian signers!

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
sutton at

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