ISWA 2010 for Implementers

Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Tue May 3 20:24:17 UTC 2011

Hi Alan,

On 5/3/11 1:43 PM, Alan Post wrote:
> How do I convert the contents of the <term> tag into, say, a bsw
> code?  If those codes are obsolete, which part of swis do I use to
> display the glyph associated with this code?
Unfortunately, the BSW strings are obsolete. The process of Unicode 
standardization has forced me to rethink rich text elements of my data. 
Fortunately, I have been able to improve my strings without compromising 
on the ISWA 2010 or how we write.

We are currently using 2 types of strings: ASCII & Unicode. Both types 
of string can represent the same data. The ASCII is stable and will not 

The Unicode strings are not finalized. The standard process is ongoing. 
We focused solely on the symbols of the ISWA 2010. We have popular 
approval, with a few points of contention. We will know more in the next 
few months. We are hoping for inclusion in the Unicode standard this 
year if we're lucky and next year if we're not.

The preliminary Unicode strings are stable until Unicode approval has 
been achieved. At such a time, a future conversion may be required. The 
preliminary Unicode strings are used in the SPML files.

For a sample of the strings involved, consider the "Hello world." entry:

I took a snap shot of the development version for the SignWriting Image 
Server 2. This is the engine behind SignPuddle 1.6.

Minimal SWIS 2 download without the ISWA 2010 images: ( 40 KB )

Functional SWIS 2 download with 1 set of ISWA 2010 images: ( 12.7 MB )

Additional font options:

If you use the SignPuddle 1.6 beta, you can see how SWIS 2 is being 
used. ColumnMaker shows many detailed examples.



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