Adam will present signwriting at Gallaudet University

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I am so sorry that I will not be able to be there as I have prior commitment. 
 Please make sure that Rachel Channon gets this opportunity to interact.

Charles Butler

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Subject: Adam will present signwriting at Gallaudet University

Hi Valerie and friends ... 
Congratulation Adam to be one of the presenters ... This is great! 
We are pleased to announce a workshop titled _Building sign language corpora in 
North  America_ .
Purpose of workshop: There are many definitions of a language corpus. One such 
definition offered by McEnery, Xiao and Tono (2006) is a collection of texts in 
a given language that is representative, comprehensive, accessible, 
machine-readable and searchable. There are several ongoing language corpora 
projects focused on the documentation of sign languages in countries like  
Australia , The Netherlands, the  United Kingdom and  Germany . To date, there 
have been several workshops in Europe on various aspects of building a sign 
language corpus (e.g., the SLCN series of workshops co- organized by Onno 
Crasborn and colleagues). This workshop will provide a much needed opportunity 
for researchers based in the US  and Canada  to share experiences from their 
work in this area, as well as share ideas for future projects.
Program information: The workshop will begin on Saturday, May 21, 2011, at 8:30 
am and take place at Gallaudet   University , in the Student Academic Center 
(SAC), Room 1011. The complete list of presenters is as follows:
• Ted Supalla ( University   of Rochester )
• Christian Rathmann ( University   of Hamburg )
• Trevor Johnston ( Macquarie  University ), Adam Schembri (La Trobe 
University),  Kearsy Cormier ,  Jordan Fenlon, and Ramas Rentelis (University 
College London) “Type-token matching in annotated SL corpora: Examples from the 
Auslan and BSL corpus projects”
• Rosalee Wolfe, John C. McDonald, and Jerry Schnepp (  DePaul University ) 
“Synthetic and acquired corpora: meeting at the annotation”
• Ronnie B. Wilbur, Kadir Gokgoz and Robin Shay ( Purdue   University ), Aleix 
Martinez (  Ohio State   University ) “Mechanics and Issues in Making ASL 
Databases Available”
• Carol Neidle ( Boston  University )
• Kearsy Cormier, Jordan Fenlon and Ramas Rentelis (University College London), 
Adam Schembri (La Trobe University), Trevor Johnston (  Macquarie University ) 
“Multiple access levels and multiple interfaces of the BSL and Auslan Corpora”
• Jonathan Keane (University of Chicago), Susan Rizzo (University of Chicago), 
Diane Brentari (Purdue University), and Jason Riggle (University of Chicago) 
“Phonetic coding of fingerspelling”
• Adam Frost (Gallaudet University)
“Sign Language Corpus using SignWriting”
• Diane Lillo-Martin, University   of Connecticut
In addition, on Sunday, May 22, 2011, from 9 am to noon, there will be an ELAN 
training session by Julie Hochgesang for those who are interested.
Conference languages: We welcome presentations in ASL or International Sign 
(IS), and will provide ASL/English and ASL/IS interpretation.
Registration information: Registration is free but required and due by May 16, 
2011. To register, please send an email to sign.corpus.workshop at with 
the following
(i) your name
(ii) your affiliation
(iii) your email address
(iv) whether you wish to participate in the ELAN training on Sunday
There is a fee of $10 for lunch on Saturday – please bring this in cash with you 
to the workshop.
Lodging information: A block of rooms has been reserved at the Hilton Garden 
Inn, which is located next to the New York Avenue/Gallaudet metro station on the 
Red Line and about 8-10 minutes walking distance from the workshop venue. For 
workshop participants, the hotel is offering a discounted rate of $129/night 
plus 14.5% taxes. The discounted rate is good until May 13, 2011. To make 
reservations, please call the toll-free number 1-800-HILTONS or the hotel 
directly at 202-408-4870 and identify yourself as a member of the Corpus 
Workshop group when making the reservation. Alternatively, you may book online 
at the following link and use the booking code CORPU.
Julie Hochgesang, Gene Mirus, and Gaurav Mathur (Gallaudet University)
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