Adam will present signwriting at Gallaudet University

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     Perfect the thesis!
     I'm very, very, very happy when see the page 193... I'm chemistry teatcher!
     Perfect, one more time!
     Yuri Barreto

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SignWriting ListMay 6, 2011
Hello Stefan, Adam and everyone -
Thank you, Stefan, for noticing that Adam will be presenting a paper at Gallaudet University this month...
Congrats, Adam!  I understand that your paper on SignWriting will be presented on May 21st... Here is the final schedule for the Workshop, entitled "Building sign language corpora in  North America"....

Val ;-)

On May 6, 2011, at 1:55 PM, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:

Hi Valerie and
friends ...       Congratulation
Adam to be one of the presenters ... This is great!   Stefan  


    We are pleased to
announce a workshop titled _Building sign language corpora in North
 America_ .  Purpose of
workshop: There are many definitions of a language corpus. One such definition
offered by McEnery, Xiao and Tono (2006) is a collection of texts in a given
language that is representative, comprehensive, accessible, machine-readable
and searchable. There are several ongoing language corpora projects focused on
the documentation of sign languages in countries like Australia , The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Germany . To date, there have been
several workshops in Europe on various aspects
of building a sign language corpus (e.g., the SLCN series of workshops co-
organized by Onno Crasborn and colleagues). This workshop will provide a much
needed opportunity for researchers based in the US 
and Canada 
to share experiences from their work in this area, as well as share ideas for
future projects.  Program
information: The workshop will begin on Saturday, May 21, 2011, at 8:30 am and
take place at Gallaudet 
 University , in the
Student Academic Center (SAC), Room 1011. The
complete list of presenters is as follows:  • Ted
Supalla ( University 
 of Rochester )  • Christian
Rathmann ( University 
 of Hamburg )  • Trevor
Johnston ( Macquarie University ), Adam Schembri (La Trobe University), Kearsy Cormier , Jordan Fenlon, and Ramas Rentelis
(University College London) “Type-token matching in annotated SL corpora:
Examples from the Auslan and BSL corpus projects”  • Rosalee
Wolfe, John C. McDonald, and Jerry Schnepp ( DePaul University )
“Synthetic and acquired corpora: meeting at the annotation”  • Ronnie B.
Wilbur, Kadir Gokgoz and Robin Shay ( Purdue 
 University ), Aleix Martinez ( Ohio State 
 University )
“Mechanics and Issues in Making ASL Databases Available”  • Carol
Neidle ( Boston University )  • Kearsy
Cormier, Jordan Fenlon and Ramas Rentelis (University College London), Adam
Schembri (La Trobe University), Trevor Johnston ( Macquarie University )
“Multiple access levels and multiple interfaces of the BSL and Auslan
Corpora”  • Jonathan
Keane (University of Chicago), Susan Rizzo (University of Chicago), Diane
Brentari (Purdue University), and Jason Riggle (University of Chicago)
“Phonetic coding of fingerspelling”  • Adam Frost
(Gallaudet University)“Sign
Language Corpus using SignWriting”  • Diane
Lillo-Martin, University 
 of Connecticut  In addition, on
Sunday, May 22, 2011, from 9 am to noon, there will be an ELAN training session
by Julie Hochgesang for those who are interested.  Conference
languages: We welcome presentations in ASL or International Sign (IS), and will
provide ASL/English and ASL/IS interpretation.  Registration
information: Registration is free but required and due by May 16, 2011. To
register, please send an email to sign.corpus.workshop at with the
followinginformation:  (i) your name(ii) your
affiliation(iii) your email
address(iv) whether you
wish to participate in the ELAN training on Sunday  There is a fee of
$10 for lunch on Saturday – please bring this in cash with you to the
workshop.  Lodging
information: A block of rooms has been reserved at the Hilton Garden Inn, which
is located next to the New York Avenue/Gallaudet metro station on the Red Line
and about 8-10 minutes walking distance from the workshop venue. For workshop
participants, the hotel is offering a discounted rate of $129/night plus 14.5%
taxes. The discounted rate is good until May 13, 2011. To make reservations,
please call the toll-free number 1-800-HILTONS or the hotel directly at
202-408-4870 and identify yourself as a member of the Corpus Workshop group
when making the reservation. Alternatively, you may book online at the
following link and use the booking code CORPU.  Co-organizers:Julie Hochgesang, Gene
Mirus, and Gaurav Mathur (Gallaudet University)       

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
sutton at

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