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May 16, 2011

Hello Maria and Steve -

Yes, Maria, I agree...I too thought of that, when I saw Adam's hand photos placed beside each hand symbol in Steve's web design... how nice it would be if we had photos of the Facial Expression symbols as well!

The biggest problem I have found is to find a person or model who has a very expressive face - because each face has slight differences and it is hard to hold some of these positions, or even to see some of them, such as the tongue inside the mouth and so forth...So first we have to find the person to photograph... some facial expression symbols are loosely interpreted and are based more on a "feeling" ... like the "dreamy eyebrows" that are used when saying "once upon a time many years ago" in ASL storytelling of fairytales ...and not everyone can even do some facial expression positions - smile -

So I wonder if a drawing or clay model of facial expressions wouldn't be better? - does anyone have illustrations that match each Facial Expression symbol?

Val ;-)

On May 16, 2011, at 2:57 PM, MARIA GALEA wrote:

> This is a great update - and it think it was very much needed. Well done
> to all who were involved - I can see it's a huge task accomplished.
> Maybe in the future having photos for facial expressions/mouth patterns
> might be useful also. But of course I appreciate how much work is
> involved! It's so easy to suggest things - finding resources to get things
> done is a completely different story.
> bye for now,
> maria
>> SignWriting List
>> May 16, 2011
>> On May 16, 2011, at 8:38 AM, Steve Slevinski wrote:
>>> I have an updated ISWA 2010 HTML Reference ready.
>>> View: http://www.signbank.org/iswa
>>> Download: http://www.signbank.org/iswa.zip ( 32 MB )
>>> The most important change is the inclusion of Adam Frost's hand photos.
>>> http://www.signbank.org/iswa/cat_1.html
>>> Additionally, I have updated the preliminary Unicode to fit with the
>>> existing Unicode proposal.
>>> Regards,
>>> -Steve
>> -----------------
>> This is so cool, Steve and Adam!
>> Thanks to you both for the large task - Adam's hand photos are a great
>> addition to your ISWA 2010 Reference Manual, Steve -
>> Val ;-)
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