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May 21, 2011

Hello Charles!
Thank you for informing us about your SignWriting classes. I hope the May 16th class went well - 

And thank you for working on writing Ethiopian Sign Language - I see you have added new entries in the Ethiopian Sign Language Dictionary on SignPuddle:

Ethiopian Sign Language Dictionary

I just posted a message on your new "SignWriting Chat" Facebook page, and I am "attending" the event on Facebook.

Can others, here on the SignWriting List, also join the Facebook "SignWriting Chat"? If so, what is the link?...

Val ;-)


On May 9, 2011, at 8:12 AM, Charles Butler wrote:

> Charles Butler is teaching oingoing SignWriting classes in Reston, Virginia.
> We are focused on Ethiopian Sign Language and helping to rewrite the Sign Writing for Everyday Use with Ethiopian Sign Language examples, but all are welcome with advanced notice as the writing system is universal.
> Next class is Monday night, May 16.  I can arrange classes in MD, VA, or DC with proper advanced notice. We start at the beginning with both SignWriting printing (the Web standard) and SignWriting handwriting (for use without a computer) using both reading and writing exercises.
> Classes are by arrangement with the participants.
> Charles Butler
> chazzer3332000 at
> (I have skype and will provide it on request)


Val ;-)

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