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Bill Reese wreese01 at TAMPABAY.RR.COM
Thu Nov 17 05:33:53 UTC 2011

What a coincidence, I just tried your old app again a couple of days ago 
and it still didn't work - pressing on the buttons didn't do anything.  
I uninstalled it from my phone.  I hope your new one works this time.


On 11/16/2011 11:20 PM, Schuyler Duveen wrote:
> Hello again,
> Thanks everyone for sending feedback and issues back in September.  I 
> just started a new job, so I've been a little distracted, but finally 
> was able to come back around to this project.  A new version is at the 
> same URL:
> You can also just download it from the Android Market by searching for 
> 'skysigns'
> It's still a little slow on older devices, but please let me know if 
> something doesn't work.  It's basically a functional dictionary now.
> I'm now working on a composer, which will let people upload signs 
> which will then get added to the dictionary (after some moderation).  
> After an issue or two is resolved, it will also be an iPhone app and a 
> website with the same functionality.
> If you want to preview the composer functionality, go to the About 
> page and scroll ALL the way down, and then click the "enable 
> experimental mode" link.  Nothing will happen, but if you exit and 
> re-enter the app, you'll suddenly have a 'Add new sign' option and you 
> can edit any sign in the dictionary.
> One thing I was trying to do is use the compose context as a kind of 
> intro to sign writing -- by indexing common symbols.  A few of the 
> sign lists in the help/compose section have been selected by looking 
> for the most common elements used in the dictionary.  But the general 
> approach is not to be comprehensive with all the shapes -- instead 
> having a short but useful list.  I'd love feedback on important 
> hand-shapes that are not included or anything that's mislabeled.
> Finally, the html/javascript part of it is open-source:
> cheers,
> sky
> PS If you reply, please CC my email address (sky at since I read 
> the list in digest format, and it will be harder to answer.
> On 09/06/2011 11:02 AM, Schuyler Duveen wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> I'm new to the community.  I became interested in learning sign 
>> language early this year, and discovered Sign Writing through some 
>> web searches.  Recently, I also became interested in learning about 
>> mobile application development, and SignWriting seemed like a great 
>> way to store a large ASL dictionary offline (so I can get it on the 
>> subway and without downloading a large video or something) and 
>> SignPuddle's export made it possible to start with a large database 
>> of signs.
>> This is still not-even-alpha software -- lots of bugs, and debugging 
>> data exposed, but for those of you with Android phones you should be 
>> able to install this .apk file:
>> (Follow these instructions:
>>  and then visit the above link from your phone.  After install, read 
>> the About page first.)
>> Right now, it's just a dictionary with look-up, but I hope eventually 
>> to add reverse-lookup, a sign composer (so people can add to the 
>> dictionary easily), and support for arbitrary dictionaries (via spml 
>> files?).
>> I'd also like to open-source license it, but because I'd like this 
>> app to be available on the android and iphone markets, I need to 
>> figure out what the best license is for such things (since they're 
>> pretty antagonistic toward open-source apps).
>> In the meantime, this is also just a hello.  SignWriting was really 
>> easy to learn, and the infrastructure that all of you have built is 
>> amazing.
>> cheers,
>> Schuyler

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