3 - News handshapes in Brazilian Sign Language (LSB/Libras)

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Fri Nov 25 15:41:26 UTC 2011

Quando eu trabalhei em Porto Alegre/Pelotas, projeito de nos discobrem 01-07-05 "mao de noiva" e mao de carroca. Mao de carroca e nao incluido em Marianne Stumpf "SignWriting for Everyday Use" mais "mao noiva" foi incluido.
When I worked in Porto Alegre / Pelotas, our project discovered the 01-07-05 "mao de noiva" and another not included, the "mao de carroca". 
The other handshape I have included in SignPuddle is "mao de bicho de preguica", the split 4 hand. This is the hand used to write "sloth" (the animal). 

Charles Butler

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Charles and Valerie, 


Yes, this
handshape for "bride/noiva” in Libras. Correct! 

Valerie, I
think / thought about this handshape (01-07-005). I had not noticed its
similarity to handshape "bride/noiva" 



Madson Barreto
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