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That website is really nice, Stefan.  Very smooth, easy to read - the 
video comes through very good.   And the Signwriting editor is cool:

Needs a word for "war prisoner": Kriegsgefangener
and "commander": Kommandant


*From: *Stefan Wöhrmann <stefanwoehrmann at 
<mailto:stefanwoehrmann at>>
> *Date: *October 4, 2011 2:12:42 PM PDT
> *To: *"'Valerie Sutton'" <sutton at 
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> *Subject: **AW: Happy Birthday to Stefan!*
> Hi Valerie and friends,
> thank you so much for your kind attention. ... I have had a nice birthday.
> Right now there are so many things I have to accomplish ... I have had 
> a nice birthday.
> At school I am working with a new group of students 3^rd grade.  A lot 
> of work to prepare all the materials that will allow them to improve 
> articulation and literacy. Of course I use my SpeechWriting – system 
> (Mundbildschrift)  and GebaerdenSchrift (SignWriting) and thanks to 
> our new SignWriting – Programm and a growing SignPuddle Dictionary we 
> can write wonderful documents.
> If somebody is interested feel free to visit our website
> *What does "delegs" stand for?*
> "delegs" is a German acronym which stands for "learn German assisted 
> by SignWriting". " <>" is the German portal 
> for deaf people who want to improve their German language skills (not 
> only) to boost their careers.
> <> provides tools to create and exchange 
> educational material based on SignWriting.
> All the best
> Stefan

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