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Charles Butler Neto is on Facebook as well. Charles Butler Neto on Facebook. 

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From: Yuri Barreto <nempretonembranco at YAHOO.COM.BR>
Subject: SW in Facebook
Date: Monday, October 10, 2011, 7:36 PM

Hello, friends!

I spent a long gone, but I have more time to my studies of "deafspelling" lol.

I have actively participated in movements of deaf people, especially on YouTube, talking to deaf people from all over Braziland find that social networks are a great tool of the deaf.

I wanted to know from friends who have a profile on Facebook? It'san important channel for SW, deaf culture, etc..

Unfortunately the posts, in my opinion, are "ephemeral," but the contact is extremely straightforward. Knowing use, is an incredible adventure!

Deaf leaders, among them Patricia Resende, Nelson Pimenta, Vanessa Vidal, and active listeners as Fernando Capovilla are people present in this network. I feel very happy when they answersomething for me. Fantastic!

If you need me there, just contact!
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