SAUDI ARABIA ... Arabic translation of Lessons in SignWriting Textbook

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Thank you for having me in your list
I'm Mrs. Afnan M. Alshehri 
I've worked as volinterd intepreter for year and a half in a Cultural Center for the Deaf in Riyadh 
I have a bacholer degree in deaf education and I'm master student now in King Saud Universty    
and I hope I can be part of SignWriting because I've always believed that we should respect the Deaf culture 
and SignWriting is a way to respect Sign Language
My Best Regards 

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SignWriting List
October 28, 2011

Hello SignWriting List members....

Great news!

The Lessons in SignWriting Textbook has been translated into the Arabic spoken language as a gift to the world, by Mrs. Afnan M.  Alshehri from Saudi Arabia...

WELCOME, Mrs. Alshehri, to the SignWriting List ;-)

As stated below in some of our messages, we have been given permission to post the translated book. 

I feel soooo honored and happy and also grateful to you, Mrs. Alshehri, for taking this big job on your shoulders. I am now preparing the document for posting on our SignWriting web site, and I will announce the link for download here on the SignWriting List, I hope in the next 24 hours.

Please feel free to introduce yourself here on the SignWriting List. I understand that you plan to work towards your Masters Degree? I am very interested in your work and hope you can tell us what you plan to research...

Thank you again and you will hear from me soon here on the List, when your work is posted -

Val ;-)


On Oct 27, 2011, at 1:27 AM, fnota alshehri wrote:

hello Dear Val
yes I would be  honored  to have this translation posted on your signwriting  web site and to the signwriting list
and I done this work before I became a master student ..... cause I fell in love with the idea of signwriting 
but I will send my master thesis once I finish it
I'm more than happy to participate in this amazing organizationThank you again 
Mrs. Afnan M. Alshehri    
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