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I'm trying to see a way that it is very clear for all handshapes for three claws going face forward.  This is claws, not bent fingers. No one seems to be objecting to completely bent fingers, it's these claw hands that seem to be giving people woogies.

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Hi Charles,  

I do not understand your
intention. There is no need for any additional symbol ... The three claw hand
shape looks perfect to me.  




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  Here is a solution I came up with that parallels the
  circle spot for straight fingers pointing forward. I propose a square spot or
  box for curves going forward for the flat hand. The square is to show the
  nail of the hand. If the curves go left or right, they are drawn that way,
  but if the curves actually bend forward or back you'd show the nail.  
  That way it is a true position, not a compromise
  position that can be confused. 
  I tried to create this in powerpoint but lost the



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