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Do you mean SignMaker or SignPuddle? Both allow you to search signs by handshape. The sign you speak of should be under Group 6, and then you can choose that handshape.
The logic is based on which fingers are being used.
Group 1 is the index finger either on a fist (square) or "O" hand (circle). (ASL 1 or D are examples)
Group 2 is the index finger and middle finger. (ASL 2, H, and N are examples)
Group 3 is the index finger, middle finger, and thumb. (ASL 3 and Devil are examples)
Group 4 is the Four fingers with the thumb on the palm. (ASL 4 or E are examples)
Group 5 is all Five fingers (there are MANY signs with this) (ASL 5, the flat palm, the wedge)
Group 6 is the thumb and small finger or the three middle fingers (ASL 6, and M)
Group 7 is the thumb and ring finger or the ring finger as the articulator (ASL 7)
Group 8 is the thumb and middle finger or the middle finger alone (ASL 8)
Group 9 is the thumb and index finger (ASL 9 and G are examples)
Group 10 is the thumb alone (ASL 10)
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Subject: Finding signs in SignMaker


I'm having a hard time finding the signs.  I mean, I know that I want a
white square with three parallel lines pointing downward (the "M" sign
for us) but I have to click on many of them until I find it.

Could somebody explain a bit the logic of the arrangement of signs?
Searching is taking up most of the sign-making time ...

Please feel free to point me to the documentation.  I tried to read a
lot, but I'm also eager to start writing :), so I might have skipped
something important.

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