Touch / strike and arrows

Eduardo Trápani etrapani at GMAIL.COM
Wed Apr 4 13:07:23 UTC 2012

> With your three attempts, I would go with the third because the Hand
> Symbols are in the position where they would be at the time of the
> strike. Think of a picture being taking at the exact moment. Then place
> the contact symbol near to explain what type of contact it is. 

Ok.  I get it now.

> As far as your question about touch vs strike, it really depends on what
> you feel matches the real movement the best. Strike seems to have a
> movement within its definition so that a small arrow is not needed. 

Good, I'll keep that in mind.  That was *the* doubt I had.  I guess that
the best is to write as little as needed to be able to read the right sign.

> Here are two videos of the two ways to sign MAKE (although the second's
> shading is wrong, I know what is meant). Notice that the strike has more
> of an emphasis to it than the simple touch.

Watching it I can see the difference.  So it should be a strike for the
sign I was writing.

Thanks, Eduardo.

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