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Good and thanks for putting that on the list of things to do.

R. H.  Dettloff 

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Sorry for the misunderstanding.

There have not been any improvements to SignText.  That is planned
    for the near future.  When I said "it will work", I meant in the
    future, not "it does work" as in right now.

Other than the PersonalPuddle, SignText is next on my development
    list. Copy and paste is an important feature that is coming, but not
    here yet.


On 4/18/12 1:14 PM, Ronald Dettloff wrote: 
Alright here is my work:
>1. Open up Sign Text editor
>2. Open up 2nd browser tab
>3. Go into Sign Puddle dictionary
>4. Copy sign into another Sign Text document (not work)
>5. Will copy in Apple Page document.
>6. My purpose is when I find a mistake I would like to go to the
        dictionary, find the correct sign or similar sign, bring it into
        SignText for further editing without needing to write the whole
        sign over. ???
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