Interpretation of sign from SWML file

yosra bouzid yosrabouzid at HOTMAIL.FR
Fri Jan 20 21:45:22 UTC 2012

Hello,My name is Yosra, this is my first message to the SignWriting List.I'm a student from Tunisia and I want to learn more about SignWriting and his SWML format.I hope you answer my questions that are really making me confused right now.
First one: Could you please tell me how to generate the SWML file of a sign from SignPuddle Online Dictionaries?I have tried several times but have failed to do so.
Second one: What information can be gathered from the SWML file to interpret correctly the surface relationships between the articulators?For example, the sign "monthly" is made by tracing the right index finger from the top to the bottom of the left index and the right finger must be placed between the body and the left finger.According to the SW notation, this sign can be easily read without using surface symbols.It is clear here that the right hand symbol is located above the left hand symbol to indicate that the right hand is on front of the signer.But on the other side, it will not be easy to deduct this relationship from the SWLM file if we only use the (x,y) coordinates of the symbols.So, can we get more informations about the symbols like width and height, for example?
Thanks in advanceYosra 		 	   		  
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