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July 4, 2012

Hello Maria!
Thank you for this message. The new site is beautiful, isn't it? ;-))

I would be happy to Skype with you too, if you wish… 

Nancy and Ron's churchgoers use the ASLBible Puddle to create their documents:

ASL Bible Puddle

Nancy uses DocumentMaker Pro to create the PDFs, and I believe Ron uses Microsoft Word to create his PDFs.

Nancy and Ron gave me their PDFs, and then, following Nancy's web design, I did the web site layout, and now we have the web site ;-)))

Thank you, Nancy and Ron, for all your hard work and inspiring us all...

We hope to post other documents in the future too…

If later, Maria, you would like to create a new site, for Maltese Sign Language Bible translations we can do that too… it is obviously a very big job though -

Write to me privately if you would like to Skype - let's find a time -

Val ;-)


On Jul 4, 2012, at 2:37 AM, MARIA GALEA wrote:

> Wow this is amazing! There is A LOT of work there!
> I would really like to talk to Nancy and Ron to ask about their choices
> when SignWriting - I'm sure they must have adopted some standard ways of
> writing.
> Do you think this would be possible? Perhaps the best option would be a
> skype meeting? Can you do this Nancy? And Pastor Ron?
> thanks a lot
> Maria
>> SignWriting List
>> July 3, 2012
>> Many thanks to Nancy Romero for her amazing work, writing the New
>> Testament in American Sign Language. This new web site
>> is a tribute to Nancy's dedication. The web site is designed by her and
>> the Gospel of John, Matthew, and Luke, plus the complete Book of Romans, 1
>> & 2 Peter, and 12 Psalms of Comfort are all translated by Nancy Romero
>> from the New Living Translation (NLT) with permission, and written in the
>> SignWriting Script using SignPuddle Online. This is years of work,
>> including 1000s of pages of written ASL.  Congratulations, Nancy!
>> The Gospel of Mark is also on this web site, transcribed from a Deaf
>> Missions ASL video by James Orlow, at the St Clair Shores Deaf Church in
>> Michigan, directed by Pastor Ron Dettloff� Thank you Ron, James and your
>> team...

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